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Ayurvedic Medicines

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Medohar Guggul

Price: 160.00 - 300.00 INR

Medohar Guggulu is a classical Ayurvedic Anti Obesity formula which is used to maintain proper cholesterol and weight levels.

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Gunjadi Oil

Gunjadi oil is Sesame oil based.

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Maha Sudarshan Churna

Price: 105 INR/Piece

Safe, effective and traditional formulation, this Maha Sudarshan Churna is beneficial for all types of fevers. In addition, it is also effective in Typhoid, Malaria, Influenza, intermittent fever and many other types. Used in the Ayurvedic treatment of Jaundice, this herbal powder has excellent effects on blood impurities, poor digestion, common cold, acidity, headache, worms and other skin diseases. In addition, it also clears the bowels, regulates bile flow, maintains liver function and improves digestion.

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Tulsi Tablet

Price: 70 INR

An excellent nerve tonic, thia Tulsi Tablet has a wide range of medicinal uses. It helps to mobilize the mucus in bronchitis and Asthma. Acts as an excellent anti- stress agent, this medicine is best known for its antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal properties. Useful in various skin diseases, these tablets are commonly used in influenza, fever, common cold and catarrh.

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Cinammon Tablet

Price: 150/-Rs. INR

This Cinammon Tablet is specially prepared for daily use to control hyper lipidemia, cholesterol and reduce the weight. In addition, it also improves complexion and also recommended for patient of diabetes mellitus. It effectively controls the sugar level and reduces excessive thirst and dryness of mouth. An excellent aphrodisiac, this medicine is beneficial in the cure of cold, cough, chronic sinusitis and indigestion. It is also used as a good blood purifier and best known in Ayurveda for its excellent anti bacterial properties.

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Ginger Tablet

Price: 70/- INR

Ginger Tablet is an excellent appetizer and digestive. It also reduces gas trouble, abdominal pain and controls diarrhea due to indigestion. In addition, ginger used in the tablets are highly beneficial for the treatment of various types of stomach problems including morning sickness, motion sickness, gas, colic, upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite. It is also useful for the patient suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other pains.

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Ashwagandha Tablet

Price: 105 INR/Piece

Ashwagandha tablet is energy booster to all age. It is a tonic, it enhances the sexual power. Reduces the swelling and pain in all type of Arthritis.

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Spenai Tablet

Price: 150 INR/Piece

This Spenai Tablet is herbal formula for controlling high sugar level in patients with Diabetes Mellitus or type - 2 Diabetes. It contains an excellent mixture of 16 herbs such as karela, Jamun, Chirayata, kutki, Methi , Harde , Kalijiri, Indrayav and many others. Non toxic in nature, these tablets reduces weakness, controls excessive hunger, excessive thirst and other symptoms caused due to Diabetes. It effectively maintains the functioning of various body organs. In addition, it also improves digestion and clears the bowels.

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Kanchnar Guggul

Price: 130/- INR

Widely used to address deep-seated kapha imbalances, this Kanchanar Guggul supports healthy tissues including fat, muscles, bones as well as the thyroid and lymphatic gland enlargements. Highly effective in treating cysts, abnormal growths and all types of inflammations, this herbal medicine is recommended for cancers, chronic tumors, abdominal tumors, leprosy and other skin diseases. In addition, it also reduces goiter and cervical adenitis, along with promoting ulcer healing.

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Chyawanprash Avaleha

A brown colored jam like mixture of herbs, this Chyawanprash also contains spices and other natural ingredients. Prepared as per the Ayurvedic traditions, it has various health benefits. Chyawanprash contains Amla in big proportion. Other 30 herbs are incorporated. It acts as an excellent anti- oxidant and improves the immunity by fighting against the pathogens. In addition, it also improves the appetite, digestion and memory power. Used as a general tonic for all age groups, it recommended to the patients suffering from Tuberculosis and AIDS.

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Sitopaladi Churna

Price: 150/- INR

A traditional well known home remedy for cough, cold and fever, this Sitopaladi Churan is an excellent calcium supplement. In addition, it is also effective in low grade fever, rickets and other long term illness. A palatable powder, this herbal medicine acts as an excellent natural bronchodilator, expectorant, anti- allergic and immune modular herb. It contains pipalli as the prime ingredient and is mainly used to prevent respiratory tract disorders like asthma.

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Shrikam Churna

Price: 99 INR/Box

Shrikam Churna is widely used as an excellent laxative which clears the bowel easily. Made of various natural products like Isabgul and senna in small therapeutic proportion, this medicine does not give griping pain or cause diarrhea. Safe for daily use, this product is a non habit forming laxative powder. It is highly beneficial for Piles, Gas trouble, Constipation and Constipation after surgery or long term illness. This herbal medicine is highly effective in all types of constipation including the chronic type caused due to the anti depressant medicines.

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Mahabhringraj Oil

Price: 120 INR

Mahabharingraj Oil contains all hair supplemental herbs such as Bhringraj, Lodhra, Padmakashtha, Bala, Gairika, Daruharida, Harida, Nagekeshar, Priyangu, Yashtimadhu and Anantmool. All these herbs are mixed in pure Sesame (Til) oil. This oil deep nourishes the hair roots, which in result stops the falling and graying of hair. It keeps your hair soft and smooth by removing roughness of skin and scalp. Besides, this oil is also useful in burning sensation of eyes, headache, earache and sleeplessness

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Price: 190/- INR

A general tonic of Ayurveda, Gulkand is a natural rich source of calcium. Best known for its excellent antioxidant properties, it is made from natural Ajmer rose petals and raw sugar. Primarily used as a cooling agent to combat lethargy, fatigue, biliousness itching and heat-related conditions, it is also known for its excellent effects in reducing hyperacidity. A great natural medicine for memory, eyesight and cheerfulness, the offered product also reduces constipation and strengthens the body.

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Anu Oil

Useful in sinus, cold, headache and hair fall, this Anu Oil has is considered as an excellent rejuvenation medicine. Prevents graying of hair and their falling, this oil also improves the strength of nose, ear, throat and nose remarkably. Other than this, this herbal oil is also indicated in various conditions like headache, neck stiffness, cold, simisitis, lock jaw, tremors and Parkinson. We offer this oil in different packaging options to meet exact needs of clients.

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Ashwagandha Oil

Price: 170 INR/Millimeter
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Physical Form:Oil
  • Dosage:Local Application
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Neem Oil

Price: 90 INR/Piece

Neem oil is most useful in our home remedy. Each house must have one bottle of Neem oil at home. Neem oil is very good wound healer.Neem oil can be used for insect bite, drandruff; itching.It can be applied in non healing. Psoriasis, oozing eczema, dermatitis and in many skin diseases it is used. Neem oil is used as a pesticide also.


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