Herbal Capsules

We are here to provide Herbal Capsules which are available in pill or capsule form. Natural plant-based components like leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and bark are used to make them, and these components are then enclosed in a gelatin or vegetarian capsule. From minor illnesses to chronic diseases, these capsules can be used to prevent or treat a wide range of health conditions. Herbal Capsules are provided in some ranges like Lindseed Capsules, Smruti Ras, Soben Capsules, Soraski Capsules, and many more. These capsules are used to boost energy levels, lower stress, and anxiety, and improve brain function. They are very effective as well as economical to use. 
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Smruti Ras

Price: 150 INR/Pack

Smruti Ras is available in market in the form of tablets. It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment of memory loss, epilepsy and neuropathy. Recommended for all age groups, this medicine also promotes concentration and intelligence. In addition, it I also acknowledged for its positive effects in patients with depression. Before the final dispatch in market, the entire stock of medicine is stringently tested on various standard parameters like purity, shelf life and composition.

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Lindseed Capsules

Price: 150 INR/Box

Considered as the rich source of Omega 3 this is essential fatty acids, our stock of Lindseed capsules is highly effective in improving the quality of nails, hair and skin especially those have dry hair and nails. Besides, these capsules are also widely recommended for regulating the body weight, lowering down the level of cholesterol and blood pressure in the body. These capsules are made of excellent quality lindseed or flax seed oil.

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Soben Capsules

Price: 195 INR/Piece

Purely herbal in composition, our offered SOBEN capsules help in reducing weight remarkably. It works on reducing the extra fat deposition from body. Formulated using herbal and pure extracts of Vidang, Navak Guggulu and Garcinia combogia, these capsules are completely free from any kind of side effects like weakness and loss of appetite. The herbal extracts used in the capsules have excellent effect on the metabolism of the body.

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Soraski Capsules

Price: 180 INR

These Soraski capsules are highly effective for Psoriasis and other skin diseases. In addition, it is also effective for boils, elzema, pimples & other chronic skin diseases. This herbal medicine reduces the patches of Psoriasis, stops inching and reduces inflammation. Useful in all type of Psoriasis and crack foots, thee capsules are completely free from harmful chemicals and artificial agents.


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